Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Warning. Storm is coming. Nature’s screaming. Wind’s increasing.

Hunker down. Or leave now. Load the car. Hear tires all screeching.

If we stay, will we be flooded? Will shutters stay? Will roofs go flying?

Store shelves cleared out. People freaking. Gas is sold out. Cars are stalled out.

Seeking shelter is the thing. The only thing as wind gusts increase.

We’ve lost control. We’ve lost all power. Electric’s gone. Perhaps we’re goners.

Rising water all around us. Find another, higher level. Storm surge right below us.

We cling to one another, praying, “Make it leave, God. Make it gone, God.”

We keep on pleading, “Cut our loss, God. Keep us safe, God.”

But this is not on God, my friends. It’s on us. It’s been on us for quite a while.

It’s not God speaking through the weather. Not God dropping rain.

Not God wreaking mass destruction. Not God taking rooftops off.

It’s coming from our sacred earth. Our home. God’s very own creation.

The one we’ve trashed. Concreted over. Over built. Over used. Over heated.

The earth is crying out. Its gale force rains are sobbing tears.

Its surging tides are flailing arms and legs. Earth’s dying, writhing moans.

But we often miss these earthly signs amidst those deadly storms.

We miss the real thing amidst the news. Between the lines. Beneath the banner of excuses.

For the storms’ root cause is not some cycle. Not a fluke. Nor God’s anger.

It’s on us. Our intransigence. Our greed. Our evasion. Our avoidance.

Our windiness of denials. Our gains. Our finances. Our power. Our ‘rights’.

Our right to live in places that we should not. Right to asphalt spots that could not.

Our right to profit from things we dare not. Right to ruin the air we breathe out.

Our right to rebuild things we cannot. Right to drill and drill the oil out.

Our right to take God’s life right out. Right to bleed our sacred earth out.

Then we moan when things go bad. Wonder why things got so sad.

‘Welcome’ to our frightful future. Apocalyptic climate change gone mad.

When we ‘out’ the world around us, we really say, “It’s all about us. About just us, God.”

“We’ve trashed the place you made for us, God. Have had one grand old time, God.”

“Until we don’t no more, God. That day is here, so please come save us.”

“Get us out of here right now, God. Sorry that we missed earth’s pleas, God.”

“Do right by us and make it right, God. We’ll try to do much better next time.”

“When you’ve fixed the mess that we made, God. For now we simply wait on you, God.”

“Not sure we hear you, God. Not sure we hear you in the storm and wind, God.”



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