Life as an ‘Experiment’



If your life was an experiment of sorts…

Would it be supported by your hopes or your fears?

Would it be fueled by what you think you know or by what you’d like to know more about?

Would it be framed by your own perceived limits or by what’s actually possible for you?

Would it be informed by your own hypothesis or that of someone else in your life?

Would it be guided by a strategy or merely the random whims of whatever happens?

Would its conduct be creative and curious or redundant and path-worn?

Would it focus be on real quality or on simply the volume and magnitude of its outputs?

Would its variables be controlled and optimized or haphazard and disjointed in nature?

Would it remain open to the actual results or stay stuck in your pre-determined notions?

Would its outcomes be shared or tightly locked away in the strictest of secrecy?

Would its process teach you something valuable or be ignored in your efforts to ‘move on’?

Would you use your learned experiences to help others or to ‘lift up’ only yourself?

Would you repeat the same experiment again or explore something different next time?

If your own life was an experiment, how would you envision it?

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