Life as a ‘Dwelling’


If your life was a dwelling of sorts…

Would its spiritual and emotional foundations be solid and firm or shaky and flimsy?

Would its inside lights be turned on or off most of the time?

Would its practical comfort and functionality or its square footage and curb appeal matter most?

Would its self-differentiated boundaries be healthy and clear or porous and confusing?

Would its fences have gated openings or stand enclosed and impenetrable?

Would personal enjoyment or envious pride drive your work efforts in its yard?

Would you locate your home nearby or isolated from your ‘neighbors’?

Would your surrounding community’s greater good be more or less important than your own?

Would ‘connection’ or ‘correction’ be your primary goal in disagreements with others on your block?

Would you relate to your neighbors based on norms and comparisons or on love and grace?

Would power or mutual empowerment be your guide in your interactions outside your home?

Would your invitation list for home-cooked meals be inclusive and welcoming or exclusive and restrictive?

Would you go outside and play or stay indoors–even on sunny, pleasant days?

If your life was a ‘dwelling’, how would you envision it?



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