Life as a ‘Story’


If your life was a story of sorts…

Would its focus be on the ending or the richness of the ongoing narrative within?

Would it be an action-oriented blockbuster or an engrossing character study?

Would it be a sequel or an original work?

Would it be told from somewhere else you’d rather be or from your current location?

Would you write it with a predictable storyline or with some unexpected plot twists?

Would you produce it as an ‘animated’ feature or in real life footage?

Would you create it for the regular screen or for IMAX with surround sound?

Would you be an established, recognized celebrity or an energetic, aspiring actor in it?

Would you select your fellow cast members based on their star-power or your respect for them?

If the first ‘take’ wasn’t exactly what you wanted, would you settle for that or try again?

Would you want your audience to leave the theater entertained or inspired and challenged?

Would you stay comfortable as a ‘typecast’ artist or strive for different roles next time?

If your life was a story, how would you envision it?



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