Life as an ‘Hourglass’

Hour Glass

If your life was an hourglass of sorts…

Would you call it half-empty or half-full as the sands trickle down?

Would the shifting sand be your enemy, a nuisance, or a motivating presence in your life?

Would the hourglass be something external to yourself or mindfully felt as one with and in you?

Would the limits of your chronological time rule you or merely guide you on the journey?

Would you wait for ‘great’ or embrace ‘good’ with the sand remaining in the glass?

Would you use your time to please yourself, please others, or foster a lasting, positive legacy?

Would you view the diminishing sand as a judgment and punishment or as an opportunity to more fully embrace your inherent impermanence?

Would you accumulate more things, more experiences, or more meaning with the time you have?

Would you spend your moments alone, with existing friends and family, or actually expand the boundaries of your fellowship network?

Would you divest ‘of’ yourself or continue to invest ‘in’ yourself as the sand sifts downward?

Would you see the last sand particle as an ending or an entirely new beginning for you?

Would you most desire to leave a possession or a positive, sustaining memory behind?

If your life was an hourglass, how would you envision it?


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