Tis the Season For…


More Humble and Honest Self-Reflection… Knowing that all humanity has constraints, lives with ongoing finiteness, copes with frailty, makes mistakes, and never gets it fully right. Further, recognizing that we all share a limited time here on earth– and must each decide how to use our time most wisely.

More Mystery… Knowing that we can’t truly understand everything around us, no matter how smart we think we are. While simultaneously also being willing to embrace the sheer wonder and awe of understanding that very thing.

More Embodied Spirituality… Knowing that our truest and most profound strength, wisdom, vision, and prosperity lie not in what we get, possess, earn, or acquire—but in the eternal, transcendent, and loving gift of our sacred ‘being’ that’s already inside each of us from the start by God.

More Possibility… Knowing that compassion, justice, peace, and human communion can be un-leashed for a better world. If only we’ll un-stick from and un-learn the false, unhelpful narratives of marginalization, hate, mistrust, and domination of others that have been wrongly foisted on us too often by some in this world.

More Trusting… And through this trust, welcoming and recapturing our ‘inner child’ more generously in our lives. With its attendant optimism, playfulness, curiosity, courage, persistence, and resiliency in the face of inevitable ‘grown-up’ setbacks.

More Journeys… Knowing that we have to actually get up and move our feet, heads, hearts, and souls if we’re ever to discover what we’re made of. Even though the thing that we most often seek along the way is already inside of us– and the journey is mostly an internal one.

More Unexpected Discoveries… Like learning that the greatest power and magnificence often lie in the simplest, seemingly most vulnerable, and outwardly weakest things in life. Or that the most profound ‘ah hah’ moments for us are often found in places where we rarely look. If only we’ll really open our eyes and ‘see’ for a change.

More Giving… Knowing that the greatest, most life-changing present that we’ll ever give to another isn’t in a box with neatly wrapped paper and a bow. Rather, it’s ourselves. With our abiding and caring presence, our authentically outward empathy, and our sustained love for each other.

More Light… An everlasting light within each of us that is born in Loved Creation. Embodied through unconditional grace. Sustained through expending its very energy. And nurtured through an infinite, positively infectious hope. A hope that ‘Tis the Season’ isn’t simply about this time of year. But, rather, it’s a season that awakens anew each and every day all year long.

Maybe, just maybe, Tis the Season for a Little Less of Everything Else!

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