How We Heal in a Post Pandemic World


Fear and Panic.

We’re in a crisis.

Coronavirus, it’s mad contagion.

People sick and falling quickly.

Overwhelmed with walls of worry.

Grieving, hurting, fear, and loathing.

Isolation, boredom, anger.

Where’d it come from? What the heck.

And now the layoffs, jobs are lacking.

Can we pay for clothes and groceries?

Will we lose our home and mortgage?

Every day we wonder why.

Why this plight has come upon us.

Why this unfair thing afflicts us.

Yet, every day we search the future.

Will they find a fix or meds to fight it?

Or will the world just waste away before it?

We’re all confused and still bewildered.

Now we’re frightened, next we’re hopeful.

We ping-pong back and forth between them.

For ourselves and for our children.

For our friends and for our families.

It’s all consuming, swarming fury.

For now, we stay inside our houses.

To keep us healthy, isolated.

But staying well is not so simple.

We’ve not been ‘well’ for some time coming.

We’ve not been ‘whole’ for ages counting.

So what’s the cure to what’s before us?

What will move us back to normal?

But here’s a thing to carefully ponder.

What if there’s no longer ‘normal’?

At least the way it was before.

It will never be the same tomorrow.

And that’s not bad in some ways either.

Perhaps we’re learning something crucial.

We are not ‘alone together’.

Except in common cause to fight this.

We can only win as one.

One together, not distrustful.

With real connection to each other.

And that’s the light outside the tunnel.

How we all come out better.

What if kindness made a comeback?

What if care and listening started over?

What if peace caught on more fully?

What if simple things like love might increase?

Universal things like lasting friendships.

Breaking walls of separation.

Getting off the fear bandwagon.

Strive to trust the heart of others.

For we are not immune to people.

We can never heal without communion.

Our shared and sacred sanctuary.

The only way is love, that’s certain.

Not fear, nor hope, nor just ignoring.

Instead, a love that brings together.

As soon as we can get together.

Not past, nor future. It’s not a vision.

Salvation’s here right in the ‘present’.

For in this moment, love is binding.

Love is grounding, fundamental.

We are fragile, frail, and mortal.

But love can never catch the virus.

For love is lasting and eternal.

Love is inter-twining, joined, connected.

Inter-being with things related.

We are part of something bigger.

We are one despite the virus.

Not alone but all together.

We need each other more than ever.

There’s strength within the greatest numbers.

But only if we come together.

Only if we stay together.

More than ever.













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