2020 in Memoriam: A Prayer of ‘Yet’

As year’s end draws near, we lament not its fading into history.

But the suffering, loss, and setbacks that have marked its arduous passage.

We have struggled mightily since the calendar turned its page to 2020.

We’ve battled the virus, an election, a wounded economy, and a divided nation.

We’ve found some comfort in the presence of things that we hold so dear.

But confronted forsakenness in the absence of things we so sorely miss.

We’ve even felt your absence, God, in the chaos and suffering that surrounds us.

But we still seek your strength in the margins of these unsettled times.

And we thank you for your Gift of ‘Yet’.

For ‘Yet’ bridges things that stand in seeming opposition.

And ‘Yet’ finds a way from ‘what is’ to ‘what can be’.

While accompanying and empowering us along the way.

We’ve needed your ‘Yet’ more than ever this year, God.

So, remind us of its ever-present power in our lives. 

During 2020, we’ve felt angry… Yet, thanks to You, we have also chosen grace.

We’ve felt separated… Yet, thanks to You, we’ve connected with others in new and novel ways.

We’ve felt fearful… Yet, thanks to You, brave souls have come into our lives to carry us.

We’ve felt weariness… Yet, thanks to You, we’ve found revival in prayer, rest and reflection.

We’ve felt grief… Yet, thanks to You, we can go on, no matter how difficult it may now seem.

We’ve felt loss… Yet, thanks to You, we can rebuild, however empty the space may now appear.

We’ve felt weakness, Yet, thanks to You, we can draw upon the inner strength that you provide.

We’ve felt overwhelmed… Yet, thanks to You, we can grow into the many challenges before us.

We’ve felt sad… Yet, thanks to You, we can find some welcome joy in those around us.

We’ve felt frustrated… Yet, thanks to You, we’ve chosen patience instead of hasty reaction.

We’ve felt selfish… Yet, thanks to You, we can see and serve others who need us.

We’ve felt divided… Yet, thanks to You, we can reconcile with the estranged in our midst.

The current, grueling year has tested us in almost inexplicable ways, God.

Yet the miracle of your strength and renewal has always dwelt within us.

Through the power of your ‘Yet’ in these past, most difficult months.

May the New Year bring us not just the healing of our many wounds, God.

But also abound with Yet even greater peace…

Yet even more resilient hope…

Yet even more abiding love…

Yet even more abundant joy…

And Yet even clearer light to guide us.

May we seek and find these things, Dear God.

May we be blessed through them even as we share with others.

Thanks to your everlasting promise of ‘Yet’.

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