Our Spiritual DNA: A Reflection

Our spiritual DNA represents God’s embedded instructions within our souls that make us distinctive and unique human beings. This DNA is the foundation upon which we build our sense of identity, self, and purpose in life— and which allows us to relate to all that surrounds us. It is the essential roadmap in our respective journeys of human wholeness.

Our Genesis

We are all created in an original state of God-given and God-centered blessing, love, and grace. We are born good, not in sin, guilt, or shame.

At conception, we have embedded within us a loving Spark of the Divine. This is God’s sacred and sacramental gift to us. It is our shared ‘baptism’ into life as God meant it to be.

Our Journey

Yet we are not bequeathed at creation with a complete soul. Instead, we are made with unlimited potential and possibility to become integrated, interdependent, and loving beings. We do so by filling the God-Shaped Space placed within our respective souls at birth. We can choose, with intentionality, what we wish to fill the space with (and how we do so) throughout our lives.

Life’s space-filling journey is the continuous process of Becoming: Striving to more fully achieve our ability to discover, experience, grow, and embody the Spark of the Divine in us. This ever-unfolding journey, not the ultimate destination, is the whole point of life. And the wisdom-rich questions that we ask of ourselves and others along the way are far more important than any single, simple answer we think we need.

Our Compass

We nurture God’s spark and fullness of life when we orient ourselves in the internal guidance of God’s presence within us. We must always remain mindful to and present with it. We can extend ourselves outward in healthy, fulfilled ways only when we initially tend to our own well-being. That’s because external relationship-building starts with a strong internal foundation. It is an inside-out, not an outside-in, process. This is not selfishness, but a commitment to sustaining the wellsprings from which all external relationships are nurtured.

Conversely, we hinder the Spark of the Divine in us (and, correspondingly, our ability to fill the God-Shaped Space in our souls) when we strive to identify and define ourselves by other people, other created things, or other belief systems external to us. We turn our backs on our Creator God when we act on these ‘other’ distorted definitions by craving external people, things, and beliefs— allowing them to co-opt and append themselves onto us. This breaks the distinctive original bond that we each have with God and each other. And it causes all human suffering.

Our Sustenance

Our creator God is our continuing source of love, light, and energy in our lives. Each of us has access to God. But God isn’t exclusive to any person, religion, or belief system. God does not live inside anyone’s box or between anyone’s institutional walls. We need to cherish God’s love, light, and energy without trying to exclusively possess God in the process.

We disrespect God when we attempt to overly define, contain, constrain, or co-opt the Divine. Rigidly held human beliefs (and accompanying mental/emotional constructs) about God limit our human ability to love, touch, and authentically experience God’s diverse and inclusive presence in our lives. And, in turn, they blind us to God’s amazing, yet always indescribable, identity.

Our Travel Companions

Ironically, a preoccupation with the primacy of our individuality as persons (and our individual ‘salvation’) prevents our ability to become more whole individually. This is because human wholeness is ultimately dependent on healthy, loving connections with God, with others, with all living things, and with the universe around us. Everything and everyone are, in fact, linked. We are meant to exist in communion, not alone as isolated individuals.

We cannot be authentically connected unless we first seek love, respect and dignity, justice, and peace toward others and our planet as our highest priorities on earth. Loving, respectful, justice-seeking, and peaceful acts, by definition, follow the long arc of history and God’s creative plan for us. These acts don’t just create a better world today for us. They also represent redeemable ‘moments’ that can be saved and somehow used by God for our future eternity together.

Our Destiny

Our individual lives matter. Every one of them is sacred and special. Therefore, how we live these lives in the present matters greatly, as well.

When we focus largely on future, after-life constructs like Heaven (or when we act today primarily to promote our admission to it in the next life), we prevent ourselves from fully ‘being’ and becoming in the present. We, in turn, lose our lives in the service of ‘saving’ these lives. In truth, we can never know what a future state of Heaven looks like.

God has created us to make a difference right now. To live in ways that reflect and embody our loving, grace-filled, and justice-seeking values. We are meant to facilitate a remnant, however small or imperfect, of Heaven on Earth today for everyone and everything around us. For we cannot experience Heaven in the next life if we don’t work with urgency to create it in this life first.

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