The ‘Un’-Lost Cause

It’s called the ‘Lost Cause’, the creation and dissemination of a 19th Century U.S. Civil War pseudo-history by various writers … More

First Things First

Much of mainstream religious dialogue centers on ‘God Talk’. It’s how we think and converse together about the Divine. Many … More

False Freedom

We’re supposed to be a free nation. Free to speak and express ourselves. Free to self-govern. Free to achieve and … More

Bridging the Empathy Divide

We’ve all read troubling stories and statistics about the ravaging effects of Covid-19 on skilled nursing and assisted living communities. … More

The Waiting Game

Under even the best of circumstances, life is full of unwelcomed waiting. We wait in lines. We wait for call-backs. … More

Tis the Season For…

More Humble and Honest Self-Reflection… Knowing that all humanity has constraints, lives with ongoing finiteness, copes with frailty, makes mistakes, … More