Daily Spiritual Living Practices

Living Spiritually

Strive always to see the Spark of the Divine in yourself and in others.

But remember that God is greater, more amazing, and ever-more expansive than anything that humanity can comprehend.

Transcend the Allusion of Separation—for we are all interdependent, interconnected, and One.

Make love, kindness, compassion, grace, justice, and respect for the inherent dignity of all others amongst the highest priorities in your Life.

Sustain, nurture, feed, and honor the God-given Nature all around us.

Respect the Reality of Impermanence of so much in our lives. Therefore, cherish but don’t cling onto things, ideas, or people. Be far more grateful and far less possessive.

Become a better ‘Watcher’ of your mind and your ongoing self-narrative.

Be more ‘Conscious’ and ‘Present’ each moment.

Make meditation, prayer, or quiet and silence part of your daily routine.