Daily Spiritual Living Practices

Living Spiritually

Strive always to see the Spark of the Divine in yourself and in others. But remember that God is greater, more amazing, and ever-more expansive than anything that humanity can possibly comprehend.

Embrace and practice unconditional, loving, and selfless kindness toward everyone and everything in this world.

Remember that the path is not merely the way. It is the beginning ground and the end destination, as well— however uncharted, insecure, and confusing this path may seem to be at times.

Become friends with life’s impermanence, inherent interconnectedness, and constant change. For clinging onto anything too closely in the interest of serving life is really serving death. Conversely, dying to the fallacy of permanence is, in turn, an act of truly living life.

Remain and delight in the liberating insecurity of not knowing, of ambiguity, of unanswered questions, and of non-resolution.

Let go of more things in your life more often. Because doing so is the only thing that can open up space in your mind, heart, and soul for new and transformational things, ideas, purposes, experiences, and peace.

Live your life with wholehearted, continuous mindfulness and wakefulness. Become more conscious of your ‘unconcious’ mind and its workings.

Reject the deceptive and pain-masking ‘choice’ of taking ego-driven ‘escape routes’ from difficult moments, as you desparately pretend to ground yourself in unhealthy self-protective narratives in your mind.

Become more open, curious, and present to the wisdom that life’s suffering can actually teach you something at times.

Break your compulsive, habitual, impatient, and agressive thought-action reactions in life. Be mindful that your actions may do more harm than good. Slow down more often and stay with your ‘moments’ before you jump in to ‘fix’ things.

Withhold internal self-judgment on your negative thoughts and feelings with greater frequency, simply naming them as such and watching them as they dissolve in their power to control you.

Free yourself from habitual and polarizing dualistic thinking (and the ego-centric narratives that you may be creating about them in your mind):

  • Life-Death
  • Pleasure-Pain
  • Gain-Loss
  • Fame-Disgrace
  • Perfection-Failure
  • Praise-Blame
  • Hope-Fear

Develop healthier discernment, judgment, and boundary setting around realistic and appropriate spheres of concern in your life. Adopt the following with respect to painful life situations as they arise:

  • Leave them
  • Influence them for the better, as possible
  • Change them; or
  • Accept ‘what is’ in peace without negative self-narratives