Our Planet’s Faint Voices


If our Planet had a voice, it might cry out to us, “I am God-given and therefore sacred. But I’m slowly dying because of you. And my voice grows ever fainter each day. ‘Unearth’ my labored, halting voice. Listen more deeply to it and share it with others.”


If a Coral Reef could speak, its faint voice might cry out to us, “I give you a magnificent, life-giving ecosystem in our oceans. I am a safe home to many. I welcome you to see beautiful ‘artwork’ in the sea. So why are you stunting me, bleaching me, starving me, and choking me to death in return?”


If Trees could speak, their faint voice might cry out to us, “We give you cleaner air to breathe. Shelter, rest, and shade to others. More stable soils. And countless useful things for your human lives. So why are you and your droughts recklessly burning us to death in return?”


If Air could speak, its faint voice might cry out to us, “I give you your very breath. I’m home to clouds that nourish you with rain. I hold the wind that powers your life. And I lift your spirits with a clear, blue sky. So why are you making me dirty, foul, and toxic in return?”


If Water could speak, its faint voice might cry out to us, “I provide you with drink, food, and air. Absorb your carbon waste. Offer you valuable minerals and even human cures. Help to safely regulate your climate. So why are you poisoning me with plastics, chemicals, sewage, and garbage in return?”


If Wildlife could speak, their faint voices might call out to us, “We, too, are God-given and God-made. We’re essential to the delicate balance of all life on earth. So why are you needlessly killing us, torturing us, destroying our habitat, and rendering us extinct in return?”


Philosopher Alan Watts suggested that it’s through humanity that our universe sees, hears, and is conscious of its own glory and magnificence. I would add this: It’s through our reckless, misguided human climate stewardship that our Planet is now able to witness its own demise.


We can treat our dying planet like a loved one with an ever fainter voice. And give it urgent intensive care, no matter the cost or sacrifice. Or we can spit in our earth’s face (and that of God, its creator), like some silenced, unwanted stranger. What will our human choice, voice, and legacy be: Love or Extinction?