About Me


I am an author, blogger, speaker, thought-provoker, former chaplain, and an advocate for broadening the reach of spiritual and pastoral care more fully and inclusively into our communities and our daily lives. I believe that pastoral care is ‘spiritual’, experiential, and existential– not simply or even primarily religious in traditional ways of thinking. As such, caring for, about, and with others are, in the end, all concerned with what it means to be truly human in our shared journeys… of being.

I earned my four (4) credits of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) through a Chaplain Internship at Reading Health System and a Chaplain Residency at Christiana Care Health System. I have also done chaplain work at Paoli Hospital. I received my Master of Theological Studies Degree from Palmer Theological Seminary, with a concentration of Contextual Theology. As part of this degree, I completed a double thesis project on Christology and Soteriology, respectively, from a Latin American Liberation Theology perspective.

I am also the author of the following books: The End of the Island: Finding Life in the Movements of Human Suffering, Pain, and Loss and Out of the Canyon: Retracing New Steps Home amidst Human Suffering. Both books are published by Wipf and Stock Publishers, Copyrights 2016. My third, and newest, upcoming book will focus on our universal, spiritual human quest for ‘being’. It will be released in late 2017 or early 2018.