Learning From The Earth


What can the Four Seasons of every year teach us about the ‘seasons’ of our own lives? About more thoughtfully ‘marking’ and celebrating each season. About the opening and closing of life’s ‘chapters’ in our respective journeys? About the inevitability of change– and our need for adaptation to this change, as we go?


What can the Stars in the Sky teach us about the enormity of the unknowable? About the many, infinite possibilities in our lives? About the immeasurable expansiveness of our ‘beings’ and our spirits? About the joy of unbridled curiosity, deep human thought, and the wondrous beauty of wonder, itself?


What can the Blowing, Fickle Winds teach us about human freedom? About facing the periodic randomness of our lives? About traveling into and out of resistance ‘gusts’ along the way? About using our natural ‘wings’ to leverage this resistance to our advantage? And about pacing ourselves for the journey?


What can the Earth’s Water teach us about both the firm foundation and the fragility of our human existence? About both abundance and scarcity in our lives? About both the depth and shallowness of our relationships with others? About both the straightforward and sometimes meandering ‘streams’ that we travel as we go?


What can the Sun teach us about the beauty of God’s Light within us? About sharing that gifted-glow with others in love? About more fully illuminating our spirituality and purpose in ‘being’ here? About the freely-given, abundant energy around us all? That we can use as ‘one’ to warm each other as members of earth’s family.


What can the Night teach us about the absence of light? About the beauty of darkness? About our human need for rest and solitude? About better navigating our way in the midst of life’s inevitable impermanence and uncertainty? About using our other senses more wisely when we can no longer ‘see’ in our travels? And about what we will learn if we do so more often?

Clouds 2

What can Clouds teach us about the shortcomings of human perception? About life’s seeming ‘walls’, ‘ceilings’, and ‘floors’ that simply don’t exist? About immovable, insurmountable obstacles that really aren’t? But are, rather, manifestations of our own ungrounded fears? For, in truth, these fears are nothing more than ‘vapors’ that we can readily traverse… if only we move through them with more persistence and courage.


What can the Soil teach us about that which nurtures our bodies and souls beneath the surface of things in life? About the ‘ground’ that we’re born of? The ‘ground’ that so graciously sustains us? And the ‘ground’ to which we’ll all return one day in our human finiteness? About the sacred, universal, and everlasting ‘circle’ of life, death, and renewal for all living things on this earth?


What can a Butterfly teach us about possibility and potential in our lives? About the many inner sources of beauty residing deeply within us? About going beyond the surface level of things to find our real purpose? About openness to transformational change in order to achieve this? And our need for patience as this metamorphosis so magnificently, but almost imperceptibly, unfolds?


What can an Eagle teach us about the majesty of all life on earth? About the human search for clarity and vision ‘in flight’ along the way? About our need to see the world from new, higher, and broader perspectives– as we soar above all that holds us back? About striving for both strength and tenderness together, not in opposition? About melding human power and gracefulness with ever-wider ‘wingspans’ as responsible, relational beings?


What can the ‘Spirits’ of those who’ve gone before us teach us about how to live better right now? About the value of the stories that they shared while they were with us… and the importance of keeping these stories alive in all the generations that follow? For to forget their stories is to also to forget those who told them… forever.


What can this very Day teach us about the preciousness of time? About using our gift of time to do something special… today? About making a small difference in the lives of those who are special to you… today? About neither wasting this gift, nor letting it rule our lives? Because we are gifted with it, not meant for imprisonment by it.


What can this very Moment teach us about the power of mindfulness and presence in our lives? About the ‘present’ as much, much more than simply a bridge between the past and the future? About the joyfulness of living more fully ‘now’– with less attachment, regret, doubt, and apprehensiveness? Over distant, far-away things lying way behind or before us.