My Wish for You

My Wish for You 3

That each of you, everywhere, might live your lives vibrantly and fully.

That you might be loving, kind, and steadfast as a family member, friend, and neighbor.

That you might join the stranger, the sick and dying, the lonely, and the poor in authentic empathy.

That you might listen well, encourage generously, and guide humbly where you can.

That you might purposefully and curiously seek the questions of life– not simply the answers.

That you might meet life’s disappointments and losses with a measure of courage and resilience.

That you might bring more smiles and laughter, than tears and sorrow, along the way.

That you might stand for the dignity of all others, for just ideals, and for humble service.

That you might reach for worthy causes bigger than yourself with creativity and energy.

That you might ask for the capacity to do more, not tasks that you already have the capacity for.

That you might make a positive difference for others and our shared planet.

That you might send out many ripples for the better in the ‘streams’ that you’ve crossed in life.

And freely share God’s loving, inclusive presence on the future paths that beckon you.

May you all be abundantly blessed in your own respective journeys of life!