Our Human Quest

Human Quest for Being

We are given Life in order to experience true life.

We’re given the Divine in order to seek the Divine.

We’re given our Capacity in order to find the divinity within us.

We’re given our Gifts in order to discern what is possible.

We’re given our Hearts in order to love the unknowable.

We’re given our Eyes in order to see the unrecognizable.

We’re given our Minds in order to dream the unthinkable.

We’re given our Hands in order to sculpt the improbable.

We’re given our Feet in order to trek the impassable.

And our Souls in order to do the undoable… for a better world today.

Each of us can choose not simply to ‘exist’, but to more fully live. To continuously quest each day in deeply spiritual lives of ‘becoming’. Doing so is a courageous, rewarding act of ‘lived’ being, redemption, meaning, and purpose in this moment. Where are you on your own quest today?