‘Questioning’ Your Faith



What You Believe

Does Your Own Belief System:

  • Perceive itself as the Object itself… or instead as one of many fingers pointing to the greater object of that faith?
  • Lean toward possessing and constricting God… or allowing God to remain beyond anything that we can ever really understand, define, and describe?
  • Seek certainty… or respect the eternal mystery of the ultimately incomprehensible?

And with what effect?

How Your Spirituality is Communicated

Does It:

  • Use words and language with hubris… or with humble, always incomplete, and ever-evolving symbols?
  • Focus more on preaching and commanding… or on actually practicing love every day in an inclusive and active way?
  • Tend to require constant sound, activity, and dialogue… or celebrate stillness and silence in worship, prayer, and practice?

And with what effect?

How You Practice Your Spirituality

Do You:

  • Depend on unchanging and exclusive doctrine… or embrace curiosity and expansiveness in your thinking and beliefs?
  • Generally define your faith through possession of sacred knowledge… or allow your individual human experience with the Divine to more fully enter in?
  • Focus on having arrived and being ‘saved’… or on continuously ‘becoming’ in your life?

And with what effect?

Who’s Included in Your Spirituality?

Does Your Faith:

  • Live as if it’s the only way… or as only one of many possible ways to greater, more transcendent truths?
  • Operate within a framework of imposed patriarchy and hierarchy… or welcome and embed diverse participation, ideas, empowered wisdom, and leadership from everyone?
  • Build walls between each other… or tear them down?

And with what effect?