‘Questioning’ Your Faith



Does Your Faith:

Perceive itself as the Object itself… or simply as one of many fingers pointing to the greater object of that faith?

Believe it’s the only way… or only one of many possible ways to greater, more transcendent truths?

Demand timeless, unchanging, and exclusive doctrine… or embrace curiosity and expansiveness in its thinking and beliefs?

Rigidly define itself through possession of its knowledge… or allow individual human experience with the Divine to more fully enter in?

Seek certainty… or respect the eternal mystery of the ultimately incomprehensible?

Strive to possess, form, and constrict God… or allow this God to remain beyond anything that we can ever really understand, define, and describe?

Focus on having arrived and been ‘saved’… or on continuously ‘becoming’ in our lives?

Use words and language with hubris and a weaponized power over others… or as humble, incomplete, and ever-evolving symbols?

Focus more on preaching and commanding love… or on actually practicing it every day in an inclusive, active way?

Demand constant sound, activity, and dialogue… or celebrate stillness and silence in your worship, prayer, and practice?

Enforce patriarchy and hierarchy… or welcome and embed diverse participation, ideas, empowered wisdom, and leadership from everyone?

Build walls between humanity… or tear them down?