Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Finding Balance With ‘Ears’ Wide Open

At such a pivotal time in our world, we ‘listen’ to others less than ever. We receive in bites. In characters. In pictures. In bits. Sometimes just a little bit, actually. And we respond, in turn. Social media, TV, radio, and the Internet all talk at us. We talk back, in turn. But are we really listening? If not, it comes at a cost. For we can’t be ‘connected’ unless we’re first connecting at deeper human levels. Balanced human connection starts with active listening. And this starts with each of us.

Most listening takes place at only a surface level– what we might call ‘fly-by’ listening. If we’re honest, we tune into only the top line, the headlines, and the big picture. Most often, we fail to really listen at deeper, more personal levels to another’s feelings, affects, and the stories underneath our superficial conversations. When we do, we miss important opportunities to come alongside our friends, families, and co-workers. We miss the chance to support, accompany, and to affirm.

Many of fail to listen to ourselves, as well. More often than not, we’re misaligned with our own subconscious feelings. And we’re ‘ruled’ by our underlying, but unsurfaced assumptions, needs, fears, biasses, and untold secrets. By listening more fully to our own hearts and souls, we can bring these to more healthy, conscious levels. Further, we can live more fully in all our spheres of living: Being, Believing, Thinking, Acting, and Feeling.

But more active listening doesn’t end with others and ourselves. We listen most intently when we’re more attuned to Transcendence. With the great spiritual mysteries that surround us. With those things that are bigger than us. Whether through our prayers, our silence, our daily reading regimens, or our regular meditation, we listen to transcendent things when we slow down. When we stop our frenzied, harried existence. When we reflect. When we focus on that which transcends us. When we more fully connect with our true purpose, meaning, integrity, and our spiritual bearings as human ‘beings’.

This engaging, accessible, and interactive presentation uncovers our many barriers to listening; the benefits of ‘hearing’ at deeper, more profound levels to others, ourselves, and the transcendent one; and the greater balance we achieve when we live with ‘ears’ wide open for a change.