What Others Are Saying


Jeff Tucker Headshot

Here is just a sampling of the accolades about my books from other professionals within the pastoral and spiritual care field:

  • “Tucker provides a simple yet profound guide to choosing how to live wisely, with meaning and purpose.”
  • “Tucker gently encourages the reader to embark on the questions of life, pausing here and there for reflection and inviting personal insight. It is to be savored slowly and prayerfully.”
  • “One cannot read this book without being touched.”
  • “Jeffrey Tucker draws from his experiences to share poignantly about the reality of suffering within the human experience. Almost poetically, he gives voice to the various faces of suffering and the movement of suffering through its challenges and questions to places of resolve and acceptance.”
  • “A book to embrace. Initially, Tucker promises much. And as you are moved by the narrative, you soon discover that he delivers what he promises.”
  • “A must-read for all walks of life.”
  • “Provides companionship on our journey.”
  • “This is Truth, with a capital ‘T’, about the human condition.”
  • “Tucker offers a trail guide that seems to peel away the harsh layers of life, imparting peace, progress, and joyfulness.”
  • “An oft-quoted line, ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes’, came to my mind as I read Tucker’s book”.