The End of the Island

The End of the Island Book Cover

The End of the Island: Finding Life in the Movements of Human Suffering, Pain, and Loss

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What if you were to look at human suffering, pain, and loss with another lens? Not as something that you merely make it through but as something that you move around within. In my fresh, creative, and provocative initial book, I explore suffering in new ways, challenging our existing beliefs and theologies while offering a healthier and more helpful approach to viewing ourselves, our faith, and others in the face of suffering. I address specific and practical questions that we often ask ourselves when we suffer– attempting to locate our suffering, our identity, the persons of the Divine, our support, and our hope in the process. I also engage my readers along the way by wrapping wisdom within the framework of a story of an old man on a island who is seeking answers to his pain and loss. The journey takes unexpected turns as the old man learns new ways to walk and to live in the midst of his pain. As we join the old man in his walk, we learn new ways as well. My highly readable and accessible book offers thought-provoking and transforming ideas for persons of every walk of life and faith.


Published by Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Copyright 2016.