The Foundations of Spirituality


Strong, lasting Human Spirituality is based on seeking, not on dogma. On reflection, not rigid sacraments or rituals. On real commitment, not just devotion. And on questions, not just answers. Spiritual awakening is found in your heart and your soul, not just in a book. It’s uncovered in your mindfulness, meditation, insights, and prayer– not by simply appending what someone else thinks is true. It’s experiential, not theoretical. It’s a process of existential enlightenment, not just of faith or belief. It is a journey, not solely or even primarily a destination.

At it’s core, Human Spirituality grapples with the seemingly contradictory. The apparently irreconcilable. It seeks truth in supposed opposites. It rejects simplistic, judgmental, and morality-based dualisms, such as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Instead, it finds its meaning in dynamic dualities. It embraces queries, not conclusions. Inclusiveness, not exclusion. Curiosity, not closure. Discovery and wonder, not finality. Courage, not security. And, along the way, it joyfully engages the following foundational spiritual mysteries:

The Mystery of Being

As humans (and human bodies), we’re comprised of elements entirely non-human in their composition. Yet we’re also unique and whole human beings in the actual manifestation of the creation process. How is this possible?

The Mystery of Impermanence

As humans, we’re uniquely conscious of the inevitability of our own suffering and death. Yet we also seem to intrinsically know that God’s life energy in us is eternal in nature. How is this possible?

The Mystery of Connection

As humans, we’re gifted with God’s own spark of light within us. We’re the outcome of God’s own conscious thought. Yet we often feel ‘other than’ and separated from God in life? How is this possible?

The Mystery of Capacity

As humans, we’re created by God in love. We carry God’s own essence of love within us. Yet we’re capable of entirely non-loving thoughts and actions in our lives. We spend our lives in the perplexing interplay of good and bad. How is this possible?

The Mystery of Truth

As humans, we strive to know and follow God. Yet God transcends anything and everything that we can ever know or understand. We seek God’s spiritual truth, yet can never know it fully in our lives. How is this possible?


I invite you to meditate, reflect, and pray on these mysteries as part of your own respective journeys. Not as sources of conflict, frustration, or bewilderment– but rather as helpful, energizing pathways of spiritual growth in your life. Paths of awakening. Of stretching. Of challenging your mind. Challenging your soul. And your entire being, for that matter. May you find energy, rest, peace, and strength in the process all along the way…