The Paradox of ‘Being’

Paradox of Being



As Human Beings…

We’re comprised of elements entirely non-human in their composition. Yet we’re also distinct and whole human beings in the actual manifestation of the creation process.

We’re uniquely conscious of the inevitability of our own suffering and death. Yet we also seem to intrinsically know that God’s life energy in us is eternal in nature.

We’re gifted with God’s own spark of light within us. We’re the outcome of God’s own conscious thought. Yet we often feel ‘other than’ and separated from God in life.

We’re created by God in love. We carry God’s own essence of love within us. Yet we’re capable of entirely non-loving thoughts and actions in our lives. We spend our lives in the perplexing interplay of good and bad.

We’re fashioned by God to give ourselves fully in selfless love to our God and to others. Yet, in the process, we can unwittingly lose our own grounding of differentiated identity if we self-define ourselves by something or someone other than who we are as inherently special.

We wish to know and follow God. Yet God transcends anything and everything that we can ever know or understand. We seek God’s spiritual truth, yet we can never know it fully in our lives.

So, On This Day…

Let us strive to connect is the wondrous diversity of what’s ‘inside’ ourselves to our healthy, whole person on the ‘outside’.

Let us strive to balance our inherent impermanence with our energetic presence right now… and, in the process, make truly lasting, positive ‘ripples’ for everyone around us.

Let us strive to seek and recover God’s life-breath in our souls today in more open, inclusive ways: in other people, in nature, silence, prayer and meditation, in life itself, and by simply being ‘us’.

Let us strive to get closer to our true ‘source’ today. And, in turn, stay more in tune with what is good about others instead of judging them by standards that even we can’t attain.

Let us strive to both ‘Find’ and ‘Lose’ ourselves through our own care, generosity and compassion in this life.

Let us strive to pursue truth in our own lives today without making ‘it’ and ‘us’ solely singular in the process.