Watch For My Upcoming Series on Human Struggle


The Essence of Struggle: How it Defines, Tests, Nurtures, and Saves Us

In this series, I’ll explore:

  • Struggle through time in creation, evolution, the Bible, human history, and within ourselves
  • Defining and distinguishing struggle from other concepts such as conflict
  • How we actually struggle in areas such as change, guilt, regret, loss, unrealistic expectations, disappointments, unmet needs, and our interpersonal relationships
  • The many ways that human struggle can go ‘bad’ for us in life
  • What struggle can positively teach us about ourselves, others, and our world
  •  Practical strategies for dealing with struggle
  • Gifts that we’re given by God for our journeys of struggle
  • How we can actually ‘listen’ within our spaces of struggle– to God, to others around us, and to our own hearts
  • How struggle actually saves us in the end