What Dwells Within You?

What Lies Within You

Where Spiritual Wisdom Resides: Learning to Dwell ‘Within’ Life’s Questions

What if you could ‘re-engineer’ your spiritual DNA for a healthier, more whole, infinite, and liberated soul and spirituality? What hidden ‘treasure’ within you do you need to uncover and unlock to make a start today?

What if there was a fascinating and wonderful parallel universe within you?

In what unhealthy and intolerant ways are you judging yourself and others, while attributing this judgment to God? How can you change this judgment to more unconditional love?

When was the last time that you opened your mouth and heard something truly profound, but very counter-intuitive or creatively ‘counter-cultural’, coming out? If it’s been too long, what’s happened to your courageous, unique, and prophetic voice?

Trusting someone or something doesn’t mean that you, in turn, abdicate your own responsibility for validation, critical thinking, and differentiated engagement. Who or what are you surrendering away your very own God-given empowered agency to these days?

When was the last time that you held a thought in your head without judging, analyzing, or acting on it in some way? What if you simply let that thought ‘be’ in the moment in a more mindful way for a change?

How often is your fear really your excuse? A self-imposed, fog-bound reason for not really fully ‘living’ your life? What if you better moderated your need for ‘felt-safety’ with a little more adventure and directed exploration in your steps and in your spirit?

Can you heal when ‘healing’ in the usual, narrow sense of the word isn’t possible? In what ways could you more broadly, holistically heal in your life and your spirit in the face of your setbacks, losses, and pain today?

When you’re faced with an important decision, how many of your options are typically those that you’ve created… versus those imposed on you by your own existing pre-conceptions or by others? If they’re mostly of the latter category, are they really even ‘options’?

How could you move from not knowing what you don’t know… to knowing what you don’t know? Then to knowing what’s real and possible?

What if you stopped waiting for Heaven ‘some day’ and tried to live far more of it today?