What Grows You?

What Grows You?

Where Spiritual Wisdom Resides: Learning to Dwell ‘Within’ Life’s Questions

What if you learned to live ‘well’ with the questions… rather than struggling to find ‘the’ answer? Perhaps the best answers reside within the questions themselves…

What if many of the things that you were taught for so long aren’t that helpful anymore? If this is the case, why are you still adhering to them?

How do your unspoken or subconscious needs, assumptions, fears, and beliefs get in the way of your conscious journey? How could you safely ‘surface’ these things in ways allowing you to better manage them emotionally?

What ‘attachments’ do you cling onto most tightly in life? Which of these can you loosen your grip on in order to live your life more fully and nimbly?

How can you create shifts in your life that demand less unnecessary precision, clarity, predictability, and surety of things and people around you?

Do you regularly need to be a soloist in making life’s ‘music’? Or can you sing harmonic backup with equal ease and equanimity? What’s really underneath your ‘singing’ preferences in your spirituality and in your life?

Do you live by only good intentions or real intentionality in your quest for ongoing spiritual growth as a human ‘being’? How could you more fully sync these two things up?

‘We are weak, yet we are strong.’ If you’re honest, how have your strengths, when taken too far, become real weaknesses for you as of late? Conversely, how are your weaknesses actually strengths when you look more deeply and spiritually at them?

Are you more like a firmly anchored three-legged stool… or a rambunctious toddler who is leaning, stretching, and straining for a cookie that is just out of reach? How could you recalibrate your life balance in healthier ways starting today?

What if you were more guided by what’s possible, not what’s probable? Your potential, not what’s proven? And real positivity, not passivity, in your life?

How sweet would it be to achieve every single one of your life’s goals? Or not, really… What if continuing to explore and to engage with things bigger than you might actually be better than actually achieving everything?

When was the last time you were frantically trying to solve a problem… only to realize that you weren’t really sure about the actual problem that you were trying to fix in the first place? What if you slowed down to reflectively examine the deeper, root causes of the problem first?

In life, do you learn from your inevitable mistakes, wallow in them, repeat them, or ignore them? How and why? What if you started viewing your errors as a learning platform, not a ‘prison’ of your own making?