What Limits You?

What Limits You?

Where Spiritual Wisdom Resides: Learning to Dwell ‘Within’ Life’s Questions

What if you didn’t stop at simply believing something– and kept going for the sake of seeking and growing instead?

How would your life change if you let go of your existential fear of Hell and eternal damnation– then lived today more fully in God’s life, hope, and love that rests right inside of you forever?

What if, every so often, you experienced a day as if time was only a human illusion? In a way that every second was an eternity and all eternity was a second. How might that quiet and lighten your heart and your soul?

How would your decisions change if you could actually see, first hand, all of the downstream impacts of them– no matter how indirect the causality? What kind of ripples are you creating in the pond right now?

If you were asked what the ‘Meaning of Life’ is, how would you answer the question? How does your answer to this question impact how you live your life each day?

Is your life more like a rigid, structured narrative or a creative poem? If it’s the former, have you already written your story’s conclusion to the detriment of your continued spiritual development? What if you kept things open-ended for now instead?

How could you begin to think ‘both-and’ far more than ‘either-or’ in your life? What rigid dualisms could you reframe as dualities– and, in turn, find truth and meaning within the seemingly contradictory?

The presence of something good isn’t the same as the absence of the opposite bad. How are you settling for the latter in certain areas of your life? And how can you seek the former more often?

How functional and adaptive is your response to change in your life? What are you most afraid of when the status quo is interrupted or upended? And why? How could you better live and thrive ‘within’ the change rather than striving to return to ‘normal’?

How often do you let ‘great’ get in the way of ‘good’ in your life and in your work? How does a felt-need for perfection hinder your completion in things? And what’s really driving this perfect performance need, if you honestly peel away your motivational influencers a bit?