What Relates To You?

What Relates To You?

Where Spiritual Wisdom Resides: Learning to Dwell ‘Within’ Life’s Questions

What if you listened to far more than the content of someone’s story… and with far more than only your ears?

What if you started feeling sorry ‘with’ people instead of feeling sorry ‘for’ them?

In what ways do you tend to ‘stand back’ with others who face difficulties, setbacks, or losses? How could you be more ‘present’ to them?

What if you listened more intently to the faint voices that are so often drowned out by the ‘story’ that someone else created for them?

Sometimes it’s easy to simply say, “I’m angry”. But what real, heartfelt feelings relative to those around you are actually underneath your anger?

How can you become more inclusive in your view of fellow humanity– as an Omni-Expandable proposition where all are wanted within our family of God?

How could you change the term ‘human rights’ from a legal one to a truly human one in your life? How could you, in turn, create greater dignity, respect, love, and empowerment in your relationships with others within your own circle today?

What is your ‘mask’ of choice for creating the outward ‘face’ that you want others to see when they look at you? What’s really behind this self-engineered pseudo-self? And at what cost to your healthy spirituality, if you’re honest?

In a typical conversation, how much time do you spend talking, versus listening, to others? What are you missing when you focus on expressing yourself rather than opening yourself to people? And what could you have learned today that you actually didn’t?

How does feeling being judged by others all the time change you as a person? How does it change your perspective, your relationships, your view of God, and your actions? How could you remain open to constructive feedback while also filtering out this omnipresent judgment in your life?

What if your ‘quality time’ with others was more about your emotional availability than about your physical, intellectual, and functional presence? How might this, in turn, represent true, loving accompaniment of others versus simply ‘showing up’ in life?