What Sustains You?

What Sustains You?

Where Spiritual Wisdom Resides: Learning to Dwell ‘Within’ Life’s Questions

What if your real Quest has nothing to do with conquering anything after all?

What if the journey is the actual ‘destination’? What if the path is the finish line? And what if the discoveries and wisdom gained along the way are the real prizes in the end?

What if you tossed out the box and created your own puzzle pieces while you simultaneously put it together?

How can you better allow the Divine Spirit to move into and through you with greater freedom and healing power?

How are you ‘getting in your own way’ today with behaviors that actually prolong or worsen your suffering, setbacks, losses, and disappointments? How could letting go, forgiveness, taking stock, better boundaries, and more gratitude help in your spiritual journey of healing?

In whom, in what, and how do you experience the Divine Presence of God in your life? How could you open yourself to a new, different, and profound dimension of this experience today?

If your spiritual wellbeing was like the stock market, would its value be going up or going down these days? How are you wisely investing in and diversifying your ‘portfolio’ of ‘shares’ in your own ‘market’, if you’re really honest with yourself?

What if you didn’t need a GPS or a compass to find your True North? Because your inherent goodness and character intrinsically reflect God’s love… if only you follow your already-embedded star!

Why did you stop asking ‘why’ so much and so curiously in your life in your big hurry to grow out of your childhood of wonder? How might you be more ‘grown-up’ today if you reacquired some of that childlike spirit?

What if you made a list of all the absolutely free-of-charge things that God provides you with every day? How might this change your definition of being abundantly, ‘freely’, and ‘richly’ blessed in life?

What’s the difference between happiness and real joy? Which one do you most want and most pursue in your life? In your relationships with others? Why?

Do you live in the past? In the future? Or now in the present? And to what end? What if your real ‘presence’ in the here and now became ‘first and foremost’ in your life for a change?