What Transcends You?

What Transcends You?

Where Spiritual Wisdom Resides: Learning to Dwell ‘Within’ Life’s Questions

What if you simply wondered at Transcendence instead of trying to squeeze it so tightly into a box?

How is your image or ‘picture’ of God helping or hurting you today– especially when you’re facing challenges, setbacks, loss, and suffering?

When you make God the ‘Absolute Being’, how do you, in turn, limit God to a ‘box’ of your own making, religion, and language? How could you experience God, instead, as the ground of all beings and of all love?

Do you have an ideology or does this ideology ‘have you’? Is it an idea that you curiously explore and learn about… or is it a freezer that binds, wraps, and encases you?

What if the ‘tests’ that you think you’ve been given in life ‘from above’ aren’t really tests after all? Because why would a truly loving, grace-filled God want to unfairly burden you anyway? How could you spiritually look to God for support, not for causality, for a change?

How do you measure time? In hours? In days? In years? How could your own life periodically transcend linear, rigid time as we narrowly define it… and be lived far more fully in ‘present’ moments, not minutes?

What if we’re already been given everything that we need to live our lives well… and our job is to use this God-given abundance ‘within’ to show the way ‘without’?

How does God reveal ‘Godself’ to you and to us all in our lives? If you’re being too rigid in your beliefs in this regard, what ongoing revelatory ‘miracles’ are you missing in the commonplace routines of simple, daily living?

What if your prayers to God actually emanate from God, not from yourself, in truth? How might this change your requests… from asking something ‘of’ God to simply asking ‘for’ God far more often?

How much of what you most worry about can you actually influence, let alone control? What if you spent more time positively addressing the things that you can potentially make a difference around? And less time simply worrying?

What if you talked about a right to ‘living’ as much as you do about the right to ‘life’? About living human dignity as much as when life begins?